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Round 2: AT Patchwork Deck Creation

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Cat on a cold stone roof
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Cat on a cold stone roof

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Originally Posted by PathWalker
I have a Russina print of the Arcus Arcanum. I suspect it's a pirate copy, so won't sell it, but I don't use it. I'd happily donate a card or two, could mange nearly all of them LOL A major and a suit? Pick?
ONE card per deck still, no ? Patchworkiest way !
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This is what I have:

The only "real" card is the World from the Secret Forest Tarot (with a misprinted back).

All others have turned out to be title cards without the regular backs. I'll still list them in case we need any fillers:

World Spirit - Temperance and Magician (both trimmed, with deck info on the back)
Waking the Wild Spirit - Fool (trimmed, with directions for a 3-card spread on the back)
??? - Strength (with what looks like an ad for the publisher on the back - this one looks most like a regular card back)

If none of these are useful, I can always donate scraps of fabric.
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Originally Posted by cardlady22
nisaba: Six Cups (Hansel and Gretel) from the MRP Fairytale deck; fifteen or so Spiral Tarot .
Well, it turns out I have more Spiral cards available than I estimated.

The Magician
The Empress
The Emperor
The Lovers
The Chariot
The Hermit *
The Wheel of Fortune *
Death *
The Moon *
Eight Wands *
Nine Wands
Ten Wands
Princess Wands *
King Wands
Seven Swords
Knight Swords *
Princess Swords
Ace Cups
Two Cups
Eight Cups
Princess Cups
Knight Cups
Two Pentacles
Three Pentacles * (very Degas!)
Four Pentacles
Five Pentacles
Six Pentacles
Seven Pentacles *
Eight Pentacles
Ten Pentacles
Queen Pentacles.

The cards that I have put an asterisk against, are the cards that I particularly like, the ones that look best.

I'm now thinking that perhaps it's time for Cardlady to start developing a definitive list, setting in stone people who have already offered one or two cards (I wouldn't min d my MRP Fairytale card being set in stone), and keeping in reserve people like the 76-card offer and my Spiral list to fill the gaps that are harder to fill a little later on. Does that sound sensible?
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I still have some Mythic Cards and a couple of Inner Child cards spare.
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I have a 3 of Pentacles. I think its Fantastical Creatures. Yep. Double checked.
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I've made some assignments in post #2. That's where I'll be updating things.

BlueDragonfly, I'm thinking that if we make Deck #2 be The Bride then I'll want your RWS Empress. If we were to go with this being The Son then I'd like to have the RWS High Priestess.

What say you all? Bride or Son?
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Cat on a cold stone roof
Join Date: 01 Jan 2004
Location: The world of the things that could have been.
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Cat on a cold stone roof

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Bride. I can take it to Gretna Green, to the Marriage House !
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Bride of Frankenstein!!!!

It has to be!

There can't be a son until there is a bride.
It's the rules.
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Yep, I'm for Bride, too.
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