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Originally Posted by coyoteblack
I am so glad my words resonat with you, I also feel more star like in solitude out in nature then when i am around to many people .

I am from a urban envirement and rarley see many stars but i went to Dominincan republic and went out in the mountains and was amazed !! at all those stars and felt real serinity
Coyoteblack, you can see my card at:
They have the entire deck posted if you want to view it. It does however look much nicer in person.

Like you I am from an urban city, raised in a city of 5 million (Caracas, Venezuela), and have lived in pretty large cities for the most part since. But the stars in the skies over the ocean in Venezuela, and in Hawaii ... those I will never forget, and they are what I think of when I see the Star card.
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