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When first looking at this card, I think of trust. What stands out to me is how the animals are all stopping to hear him play his flute. The skittish fox. The protective bear with her cub. The very timid dear, even a hare stops with a fox near by. They are mesmerized it seams. They also feel safe.

This card is full of life. Even the stones have life in them with their faces showing on the stone. I see the circle patterns on the stones which reminds me of the Goddess. They circular patterns on the rocks are also similar to one of the Reiki symbols that means "bring all the power of the Universe here".

Julie, could you tell us more about what the scenes on his dress mean. It is hard to see the one on the bottom because of the card title.

The Angels flock him which to me indicates the divine message of his song. The green growth all around, the arrows that the Angels hold, and the symbols of the Goddess on the stones indicate the beginning of new life and also the sacredness of procreation. I also see a leader that people can trust and that people will flock to. His message is mesmerizing.
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