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Adept Level - Step 5:3 Key Words

I chose my key word, from words listed in the Fantastic Menagerie companion book instead of looking through the list on 21 Ways. There were fewer of them, and they were listed with this deck specifically in mind, so I thought it would be a good source to draw on.


MAGICIAN: creates a vision which is the place where his "magic" begins to take effect.
THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Left to discuss with the 10's.
THE SUN: the roosted begins the day with a crow as the sun comes up. It is a bright beginning.
ACES: All of the aces have a baby on them ... beginning energy of the suit yet to be fully developed and realized.

2's DUALITY: I really did like "choices" which was used in activity 5:2.2. but I also thought that duality applied.

HIGH PRIESTESS: She is at the threshold of the here and now, and of the universal unconscious (other side of the doorway).
JUSTICE: there is the duality between "balance" and "fairness".
JUDGEMENT: enlightenment and rebirth vs. arrogance and self righteousness.
2'S: The two's of each suit actually show within the pictures the duality of each choice they may make. If not explicit in the picture, it is easily understood.


EMPRESS: creation and inspiration from nature. Creativity from the source of creation.
HANGED MAN: creation of self. This is a creative evolution.
WORLD: beauty resulting from the synthesis of all creation.
3'S: the 3's of each suit show the various aspects of creative energies in the various elemental realms; from discovery (wands) to physical creation (coins), to emotions that cannot be created or controlled they just are - natural creation (swords), and celebration (cups).


EMPEROR: manifests power, control, glory, fatherhood.
DEATH: manifests the elegance and change that comes with ending and begining cycles ... the consequences.
4'S: Within the suits, as well as the Majors, the FM 4's show the rewards we reap for good or ill.


HIEROPHANT: from strict teachings or rigid instutitions you breed a followers mentality and rigidity.
TEMPERANCE: from careful blending you get perfection.
5'S: The 5's seem to show that as we act on what we manifest in the 4's we have consequences to deal with. Everything we do has a consequence.


LOVERS: pleasure of company, commnication, of opposites, general companionship.
DEVIL: pleasure in the forbidden and the dangerous.
6'S: overall, the 6's reflect pleasure in various aspects such as in giving (coins), in traveling and exploring (swords), on one and other (cups), and in victory (wands).

7's FOCUS:

CHARIOT: determination to reach a goal.
TOWER: focus on the current crisis and getting through it.
7'S: overall they show focus on various aspects of life. In finding what can be improved upon (coins), on retaliation and anger (wands), on executing a scheme perfectly (swords), on escaping (cups). All cards show a strong focus on what they are doing within the image.

STRENGTH: knowing the real difference between real strength and brute strength.
THE STAR: knowing how to let go of the ego and become part of the whole.
8'S: overall they show various forms of surrender and the power of surrender for good or bad; for example hoplessness (swords), to pressure (wands), to genious and talent (coins), to knowing when to walk away (cups). Surrender can be very powerful. True surrender is not a passive act.
I had never thought of 8's in this manner before, but it makes a lot of sense to me when viewing surrender as active and not passive. It ties back into the choices of the two's and the manifestation of the 4's.


HERMIT: he transcends by removing himself and seeking solitude. He finds the light ... transcends.
THE MOON: becoming comfortable enough in the shadow to where you can trully see in the night and break down illusions and delusions (like the owl can see in the night).
9'S: in this deck the 9's show a climax in events where the characters in the cards transcend in oder to reach the end of their suits. The show a mind set of determination that results from just reaching a certain point and needing to finalize things no matter what.

WHEEL OF FORTUNE: It all ends ... and then it all begins again ... then it all ends again ...
SUN: glory and the new day.
10's: In this deck the 10's seem to show the culmination of events from family gatherings to standing over someone dead in the corner. It is the culmination of a specific set of events that will lead to new ones.

PAGES: Apprentices
KNIGHTS: Glant ones
QUEENS: Wisdom
KINGS: Authority

I still have work to do on Activity 5:4 prior to being able to post it.
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