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Originally Posted by Onyx
or I will use the Circle of Life and wrap my head around reversals with a round deck. I have read that there are many systems that use the whole rotation of the card to adjust the meaning. That might be fun to work out as well.
It does sound interesting! afrosaxon gave me a lovely reading utilising this system, as well, and I was intruiged. I must confess to a recent deck-buying splurge, and I sat down the other night when debt's stranglehold on my spending patterns eased a little to figure out what "kinds" of decks I have, and what "kinds" I *need* LOL. I narrowed it down to about ten off my wishlist, and of them all, the round decks, Songs for the Journey Home and more likely the Circle of Life came out on top. So I might be exploring the possibility of getting one of them soon. I'll be interested to note your comments on the round deck issue.

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