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Originally Posted by RiccardoLS
Oh... I really agree with you on the Manara. And I think it's really different liking somehing and actually caring for it.

On a very practical level, I'm not really sure that male and female sexual energies can really be balanced into a deck. They work differently.
It's not just using the same number of naked man and women. There is something more in the way we receive and perceive things.
So, to tell the truth, I woln't know where to start in order of doing that

I would not know either but if I was ever to love an erotic deck, it would have to have some sort of balance...what I find so painfully lacking in the Manara for example.
The Druidcraft is an example of a non-erotic deck with some nudity, that feels balanced to me. There may overall be more female than male nudity, I am not sure - I have not counted, the overall feel of it is natural, in balance. It is also a very popular deck, despite the fact that there is a penis to be seen, which so many people seem to find so off-putting (still bewildered about that).
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