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Originally Posted by NorthernTigress
My local used book store has the Magical Menagerie. [...] Now, the deck as I see them on the AT Cards list doesn't excite me. And yet every time I go back to the bookstore, it's still there. Like it's waiting for me or something.
Maybe it's there because nobody else gets excited about it, either? You know, like those clothes that are radically downpriced and you wonder why because they look really good on the clotheshanger. But once you try them on you know why there are so many of them left. They just don't work in action.

And even if they work, the fact remains that the scans don't excite you. So, do you really want to sink so low as to do pity deck buying? It's a friggin' deck of cards, and even if there are some cute animals on it, it's not like some huge-eyed puppy at the animal shelter waiting for someone to love it!

Buying a deck you're not excited about surely can't be what that "Fetch" card is about! (see here)

Also, the deck review tells me that the creator "has placed the focus of this work on a readership of magicians and wizards." Does that describe you? If not, why buy something that is directed at a completely different audience?

Finally, you already bought an oracle that did nothing for you at that shop. Why repeat the experience?
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