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Originally Posted by Alta
I also thought something like this when I saw people actively seeking out this deck. I had a copy and got rid of it (so long ago I forget if I traded it or just threw it out). The AGM version is so brilliant and crisp, it is hard to see why anyone would want something so clearly inferior.
The Green Thoth was one of my first decks. I loathed it with a loathing, and traded it on here for something I know not what. It was VERY difficult to get rid of. Then I got another two including an AGM one. Swapped both away. Colours and focus much better, still couldn't get on with the deck. Not for me.

But if I HAD to give one house room, it would NOT be the stupid green one. Surely the aim would be to get the best and most faithful reproduction of the original paintings? WHy would you want one with a reproduction error? Because that's what we have here. It's washed in slime.


ps sorry re: Vertigo gregory
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