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Originally posted by Dark Eyes
Sounds like you are going to be a much more extensive teacher in the future !

p.s. Alissa, did you read the thread about the curse that was predicted by a palmreader? I couldn't believe it.
I don't know how to interpret my line change yet, but that sounds like a good interpretation to me. My heart line is now connected to the head and life lines, so maybe I'm taking steps and actions to unite these things in new ways? This fits too.

I just dunno yet. I've only seen one other person who had a heart line like this, with a fork that's nearly 1 inch long. I just find it very, very interesting to see what my hand is up to.

And yeah DE, I saw that curse post. It made me laugh. Hocus pocus, gimme your money. (Curses, real ones, effect the cursee much more than the cursed, that much I know).
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