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Re: braided line

Originally posted by sagitarian
All of his lines, including his heart line is braided. His heart line is etched pretty good, but not "deeply" if you know what I mean. However, it looks as though his heart line is braided, as there are tons and tons of criss crossed lines within it, but they never go out of the main line.

What are some other intepretations of "braided" lines?

Cheiro writes, "a chained formation in any line is a weak sign. If on the line of heart it denotes weakness and changeability of affection." (p.76).

And, "Capillary lines are those little hair lines running by the side of the main line, sometimes joining it, sometimes falling from it; they denote weakness, like the chained formation." (ibid).

My own interpretation of braided lines is more along the lines of a person who is *very* changeable in their emotions -- they run hot and cold, go from extremes at time. For their partners, they can seem emotionally unpredictable. This tendency can also lead to periods of withdrawal, especially if the braids suggest islands on the Heart line.

If *definitive* islands are seen in the braid, I interpret this as repetitive times of a more extreme emotional withdrawal -- existing for long periods of time in a sort of "shut down" mode where nothing gets in or out on the emotional level.

Don't know if any of that helps, but I hope so!
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