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Originally Posted by All Is One
I went to the link. I saw the images. I went to Amazon. I bought the deck.

I love colors.

I needed a pick me up.

"Bless me, thread, for I have sinned...."

It was CHEAP! I am usually strong and sharp tongued on this thread. Moment of weakness.

And....NO...I do not plan on reading with it.
AllIsOne ! I am SHOCKED ! There is still time to cancel. Hurry ! Otherwise you will regret it. Even I almost regret it - and I am a deck slut.

If you HAD to - you could have bought it from my lovely friend..... Probably cheaper, and he's MUCH nicer than amazon.....

But no - that was Very Bad, We shall slap you with wet haddocks for HOURS now. (because I am bored and like to inflict pain.) And you COULD have had chocolate for when you next need it !

Please note - no devil smiley !!!

As for you, GP - what can I say ? Get thee back to trying to figure out what happened to me earlier. I know you can't - but it will keep you out of mischief....
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