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Originally Posted by starlightexp
So talk me out of the Tarot of Prague please!!!!
OK now remember that this is a de-enabling thread (otherwise I would be telling you another story *LOL*). OK here goes my attempt ~tries to keep a straight face~:

The art work is all mismatched, looks like cards that should belong to different decks. The deck is very static, rigid, and cold feeling with the statues and stuff (sort of like the Tarot of Paris ... must be a city tarot deck thing or something). In comparison to the other MRP decks it is ugly. If you don't know anything about Prague you will probably want the book, and well the 1st edition kit is hard to come by as it was a limited edition issued several years ago. The 1st edition and the book only are sort of hard to find these days. There are threads where people gripe about the card stock of the second edition which is a little easier to find, and there seems to be consensus that the first edition was better. Do you really need a deck about a European city??? Why not design the Tarot of Chicago or something! *LOL*.

(OK bashing baba decks is just not my thing ... that was hard to write *LOL*)
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