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Getting my list together

I was going to try to figure the embedding images took me a few weeks to gather my reproductions, the 2006 Christie's catalogue and few authentic period Etteilla decks. It was not until recently the differences between the Lismon and circa 1900 BP Grimaud really caught my attention.

A recent thread and searches online seemed to indicate Thierens collection of keyword meanings seemed rather close at least to the Jeu des Dames (Etteilla III) minors noted on the card. I was going to compare what Kaplan calls 1900 BP Grimaud with the swirling blue sun back keywords with the circa 1970 Grimaud booklet(others here date this pre-1900 because there is no tax stamp and my Lismon's tax stamp is 1890 at the latest)

I will compare the Lismon keywords with the Editions Dussere keywords with the Julia Orsini translations. The Julia Orsini booklet by Editions Duserre is straight cartomancy. I do not remember this booklet using the Grimaud booklet terms such as Hirams Key, Solomon, it lacks Bible or what Decker and Dummett call Biblical and Freemasonry terms.

Small steps as questions come up.

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