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Aoife: I can't really help you here, because I'm not sure what your questions are!

I can only give my own personal view here. First of all, to me Cups are Water and Swords are Air. Even in this deck.... in spite of the watery element one finds in the Swords.

Secondly, the word Chalices, I wonder if Elisabeta Trevisan wanted them to be called Chalices (she is not English speaking, is she? It sounds like a Southern European name to me.) So let's call them Cups. (Could be a Lo Scarabeo gimmick to call them Chalices, but maybe I'm wrong....)

Then I think let's forget about Rider Waite definitions. Put them out of one's head. Link the Minors to the Majors.... Why? Because they have numbers on them, and numbers mean something. You can't have a six in the Majors (Lovers) which means something, and then all of a sudden, it means something else in the minors. You can't play around with numbers like that - you only get confusion and chaos.

Then I went to look at the cards. They have a lovely progression. The Two has a circle around it... which is not quite closed. The Cup on the right has the possibility to escape if it wants to. It doesn't have to stay in that closeness if it doesn't want to. In fact, it needs some breathing space because it's going to give birth to ......

an Egg in the third card where one finds the butterfly of the Ace which is the indication of something new in gestation which is ....

the fourth cup in card number four. Here the egg has grown to tremendous dimensions and the colours are lighter. Like there's less of a struggle.

In card number five, the egg has given birth to birds and more butterflies - and it has the five pointed star. It is a five that shouts at us that we have reached a certain completion. But that we must look upwards and take flight...... and not stay too rooted in the ground. We need to look upwards and beyond....

Beyond to the six - where the first sign of the choice of the Lovers card (six) is hinted at with the four wheels. Wheels make our heads turn - which way to go? Upwards? Downwards? Sideways? Forwards? Backwards? Eek!

The Sevens are the Victory (Chariot). The wreath looks like a laurel leaf and the four circles have become laurel leaves as well, with the most beautiful flowers growing on them.

The eight is an odd card here - I agree it looks too much like the six, except for the fact that it is fuller - there is no more room for any cups here - as if everything is more in balance.

The nine again looks so much like the seven, I can't figure it out if I look at the cards in a sequence.

And the ten is completion - no way you can fit in another cup here. But the completion is an illusion, because one of the cups at the bottom (below the central one) is tilted. There is a danger here of losing everything one has gained if one doesn't upright it.

I have probably been of no help at all.....
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