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Ace of Swords

The fourth ace has been added to this deck. The scanned version could have benefited from a little tweaking of the contrast. The swords will be an 'airy' suit; blues and whites with blue-eyed, pointed coat color cats and birds or feathers when appropriate. (not that I think Siamese are more intellectually inclined than any other cats, I just thought the blue eyes would work well with the color scheme) :-)

I find that I am reasonably pleased with the four aces and the way that they relate to my sense of the energies of the four minor suits.

My choices of cat coat color for each of the suits has more to do with the use of color to create unity and mood than any strongly held beliefs about coat color and feline temperament. I would be interested in hearing opinions about such associations however.

Also, as I embark on the rest of the minors, thoughts about cat behaviors or situations that any of you might feel would work well to evoke a particular card meaning would be of interest. I have rough ideas for each card, but none are final until the paint drys on the paper.

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