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Originally Posted by emmsma
I must say I love this card.

The knight sitting, waiting, in quiet contemplation. His expression is one of great reverence. He seems a man at peace.

He has closed himself in, bound by his swords, and has disarmed himself. His shield and helmet are outside the sword boundary. Even his bedroll and the fire - comforts for him, and available, have been shunned.

He is on a quest and such luxuries are beneath his notice.

So, still, he is, that the bees dare to venture near.

The Earth Goddess sleeps peacefully in the background, asleep before the sun has fully set.

This is a card that tells me to be at peace. The fights have been fought - and won or lost - are behind me now. The next phase is approaching, and I must ready myself in stillness and quietude.
I love this card too Emm.

I like what you wrote about the battles being fought and done. He is perhaps contemplating his conduct, his victories and defeats. He's learning from the experience to ensure that he makes the best choices for himself in the future. He's not sitting in harsh judgement of himself. He's simply assessing the situation and contemplating where to go from here.
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