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Sulis - Really sorry, I didn't realise you're not allowed to link to images of a deck. I just wanted to show the image I was describing so the post would make more sense to someone who hasn't seen it.

GryffinSong, thanks for your reply! Yes, I see the Wands as very creative too and I can see the link with the creativity of The Empress. I suppose I find it hard to imagine the King and Queen of Wands as parents because Wands are so dynamic, passionate and free-spirited... Whereas we expect parents to be more "settled" and provide a stable backdrop for their children growing up. I'm starting to imagine the Queen of Wands as a creative mother who's still bursting with energy and exuberance. She could do allsorts of fun creative things with her children like painting or singing or making things. (:

Laura_borealis, thankyou for the confirmation from the book. The description gives her a really strong personality, and I can just imagine her as the Knight of Wands when she was younger, being rebellious and getting tattoos, doing crazy things. But now she has channeled all that energy into a creative outlet instead of expressing it negatively. I know lots of people that fit this description - my own mum being one of them. XD I think this is fast becoming one of my favourite cards in this deck!
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