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In continuance of the story of lost lost/learned/gained, the next set of cards to tell the story are the 7 of Cups, High Priest and 8 of Cups. All are posted here, and links to this post will be placed other the under two. We have now turned from that which has been lost- to continuing the journey to the path of fulfillment….

Cards/Numbers: 7 of Cups/49, High Priest/50, 8 of Cups/51

Card Images: see attached

First Impressions: I love the idea of the High Priest! He is spiritual and touchable, virile and wise, the ideal of both romantic and spiritual love, surrounded by nature and one with all. The 7 and 8 of cups strongly unite- from a realm of possibilities to making a choice and moving toward it.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: 7 and 8 of cups neutral, High Priest masculine

Senses: The road has grown smooth and the rocks no longer grind into your feet as you journey. Then you greet an expansion of multiple possibilities, and as you look, so softly, you hear a flute emanating from the forest. The breeze is filled with the smell of woodland trees, pine, resin and promise. Your cloak ripples in the breeze, the stave in your hand warm, as you start walking toward it confidently, making your way along the path.

Symbols: cups, murky water, robed man with forest creatures, flute, arrows, raven, walking stick, and black robe.

Story (intuitive): And the path finally grows smooth, and you get a chance to catch your breath. After all the pain and suffering from the loss of your family, for the first time you see the choices surrounding you- glittering like jeweled fruit from a tree. Oh, how long has it been since you felt alive? Since you felt fully desired? And temptation hangs like ripe fruit ready to be plucked. You stretch and shimmer in the newfound freedom, but a small voice whispers “Beware!”. And as you sit and ponder, a sense of urgency fills you- and the thought sharpens- choose now or all may be lost soon! You gaze ahead, which way to choose? All of the choices hold promise and delight. But then you remember the crushing blow from the knight’s rejection, the disappointment of your previous relationship, the loss of your family. NO- this choice has to be more, and in a way- it has to be worth it! The choice required is one to feed your soul. It looks like no other that you have walked, because it never has manifested for you before. You sit, and then you quiet your soul. And it comes to you slowly, and you realize that what you truly need is the spiritual partner that will walk beside you, someone who can stand beside you, and when you are together- the two become more than their separate parts. And as you smile, you hear it, the soft whisper of a flute in the distance. The High Priest calls, but you can only hear it now because you have quieted your mind. Oh how lovely! He is quiet, yet fierce this spiritual warrior- a promise of all that you have never encountered but so desperately need. Even though this fills you with trepidation, there is no way to avoid going down this path- it IS the reason you started, this IS your path. You look back, and silently bless all that lays behind you- all the girlhood dreams, the loss of the knight, the disappointment of false love, the pain of lost ties- you bless it, and you let it go. For only with this complete can you move along the path, only with this complete can you fulfill your destiny and find what you truly need. You move forward, onto an unknown journey, toward the promise of the High Priest, the promise of a spiritual reunion, the culmination of your heart.

Astrologic: 7 of Cups: week of the last quarter moon in Aquarius, planetary ruler: Venus, High Priest: full moon cycle of Sagittarius, lunar cycle before summer solstice, 8 of Cups: week of the new moon in Gemini, planetary ruler: Mercury.

Element: water for the 7 and 8 of cups, ether for the High Priest

7 of Cups: too many choices
High Priest: ancient/sexual priest
8 of Cups: moving on, start of new journey

7 of Cups: all the positive and negative choices that arise in life, sometimes too many
High Priest: loving man called to a spiritual life
8 of Cups: situation where emotional lessons were learned and it is time to move on

Quote: "I see what I need to fulfill my heart."
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