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[QUOTE=MikeH;3019147]This reference is merely an aside on Etteilla's part, but it does show that he knew about the Shem angels. perhaps not under that name, but at least as 72 intelligences in Kabbalah.

It is still an open question whether Kabbalah plays any role in Etteilla's system. I don't see any, but there is much about his system that is unclear to me.[/QUO

This is an interesting development, thanks for drawing attention to it!

For FG Irwin, one might profit from looking at the Society of Eight, with Kenneth MacKenzie and Frederick Holland (who's tarot contained the 72 intelligences, IIRC)

I don't know if Christine had a specific relationship in mind between Postel/Franckenberg re the Clavis and Eteilla.

Yes, Postel had a wide influence; he had many connections with Protestant printers, was a printer himself, had 60 published works and over 100 unpublished manuscipts of which many circulated. Two copies of his Zohar translation are known to have existed one of which circulated via Theodore Zwinger to whom Postel entrusted it. Marion Kuntz perceived Postel's influence in the proto-Rosicrucians.

I still believe more research into Franckenberg would be fruitful. Michael Hurst's own observations on the Clavis can be useful to a degree. There is much, much more could be elaborated and clarified on the subject. This is not the place.

Re the notorious ROTA, long ago I posed the question here: Anyone know if Etteilla had a circular spread based on the zodiac?
Also, I have heard of a spread from Etteilla known as the great figure of destiny- what is this?
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