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This is a connection of two planets that was widely used in traditional Astrology but seems to have no place at all in modern Astrology. The term comes from the Greek words for opposite and shadows 'anti' and 'scia'. It is a system that references the Solstice line from 0 Cancer to 0 Capricorn.

Antiscia is actually the plural, (the singular is antiscion) and can be measured either in terms of signs or in terms of degrees.

In sign terms the antiscia are:

Cancer and Gemini
Leo and Taurus
Virgo and Aries
Libra and Pisces
Scorpio and Aquarius
Sagittarius and Capricorn

If you measure by degrees, the 29 Gemini is the antiscion of 1 degree Cancer
20 degrees Gemini is the antisicon of 10 degrees Cancer 10 degrees Gemini is the antiscion of 20 Cancer and 0 Taurus is the antisicion of 0 Leo.

The problem for calculation is that for one of the signs you are counting upwards from 0 and for the other downwards from 30. This might seem odd but this is an extremely old astrological concept dating back to when the solstice was at 15 degrees Cancer (and the equinox at 15 degrees Leo).

A planet casts its 'shadow' across the solstice line and is 'mirrored' by the degree of it's antiscion. If another planet is at that degree or in orb then the two planets are connected. Some authors, including Lilly also say that a planet that aspects the antiscion of a planet, also connects to it. I tend to only use direct contact by antisicia.

One reason why these two degrees have a commonality is that when the Sun is in them, then the hours of daylight are equal (between the two signs and degrees) and the hours of night are equal.

Thus the length of daylight at 0 Taurus and 0 Leo are exactly the same. They even rise in the same place on the horizon. There is a special connection between them.

Treat such connections in the same way that you would treat a conjunction.

By that reasoning the degree opposite an antiscion degree has the equivalence of an opposition and is known as a contrantiscion Such a connection threatens that the matter will not come to pass.

One last point on these, as a general point on Traditional 'aspects'. Because Gemini and Taurus are in an antiscia relationship, a planet in one of these signs can connect to a planet in the other, even though the normal aspect would be inconjunct.

The same holds for Aries and Virgo, even though these signs are inconjunct (or in modern terms, in a quincunx) there is the possibility of a strong positive connection through antiscia. You should always check the antiscia of your significators if there's no obvious applying aspect or translation of light. Even if there is a major aspect by square, such as Leo and Taurus, the antiscion will soften it, if the planets are close to their antiscion degree.
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