Traditional Terms used in Horary Astrology

Cor serpentis

Idk if I understood your answer aright... :)

There's difference between event and horary (or I'm doing wrong for years :D ). Eg. event chart is for time&place of some event like wedding (exat moment when newlyweds say "yes"), time of begining of some sport match etc., even our natals are some kind of event chart :D and in some cases there can be helpfull elections if querent(s) are interested in astrology and/or can set that moment. In some cases it is possible, in some isn't. More examples regarding that: I maybe can choose the best (available) moment to marry or buy something, but I can't set time when my exam will begin :) So I think that horary is not just event chart, 'cause event charts are including more branches of astrology.

Back to horary (and question if I properly understood your explanation). I'm still sticking the second way you explained (as I in my first post). Why? As Frawley said, we don't make natal chart for time&place when baby is conceived, but when is born. Same is for horary - majority of questions we ask ourselves bother us for some time, we're thinking about it a lot before we make chart and it is unsure when question is definitely "born". So, as you wrote, proper chart will be for the time and place when astrologer received and understood question. Is that what you tried to say or I'm wrong?

And, of course, almost all ancient&medieval authors ("artists" :D ) said that horary can't give an answer which is in contrast with natal potential of the querent. Eg: question is "will I be rich?", but querent in his natal chart does not have potential to be rich, so in horary chart may be beautiful trine with great reception between significators, but it won't mean that querent will find bunch of money on the street :D or earn enormus amount of money in short time.

In Lily's (and others) "time" (ie, when they lived, worked and wrote their books) cell phones and internet didn't exist, so maybe they can receive a question only by letter or some other person were just messenger, but only maybe in few cases; I can't remember some example for that kind of q&a and for what time and place they made chart. I think that they made majority of their horary charts when querent directly asked them question, when that querent came to them or met them somewhere and then asked a question.

If I correctly understood your post, that's correct approach, am I right?

I always post a chart for the reading, so others are free to add their points if they want to :)

I noticed that :D but I'm not sure if here are others who answers on horary questions, so I asked, just in case :)

Anyway, thanks for answer :)



Since I am among those who often ask Minderwiz to comment on charts I did myself, I'll step in. I guess it depends on whether the person knows about horary or not. Most people who ask in the Horary Questions thread leave it to Minderwiz to make a chart when he received/understood the question, that is my impression. I've asked him to comment on my own deductions on charts which I made myself but I do have some knowledge of horary, though still learning. I think it depends. I am also asking him to do charts for me when I feel I am too biased and involved in the situation to produce a "clear" chart. As about the time of the question, I cast charts only when a question truly knocks me on the head heavily. It doesn't matter how often I've wondered about "if". There is always one moment when it seems everything else disappears and only this question is on my mind, it's very easy to determine such a moment, IMO.

Darth MI

So exaltation is not more powerful than domicile in traditional astrology?


Planetary Joys

I've come across a puzzle while trying to figure out why the Sun is considered to be in its joy in the 9th House. In "On the Heavenly Spheres," Avelar and Ribeiro mention both a "joy by sign" and a "joy by house" for each of the traditional planets. By sign, the Sun is shown as being in its joy in Leo. Discussion here has been focusing on joy by house. In his thorough study of the joys (, Chris Brennan only describes the house assignments. My question is: Does one clearly dominate the other in terms of strength (recognizing that both are minor dignities)?


The 'joy' by sign, like the 'joy' by house is a function of sect, as far as I understand it. Thus diurnal planets are at their best in their diurnal sign. Thus Jupiter 'prefers' Sagittarius to Pisces and Saturn 'prefes' Aquarius to Capricorn. The Sun and the Moon have one sign each, so for them it's Hobson's Choice.

I don't think you can compare here. The 'Joy' by house comes from a different and posibly older system. The Hellenistic Astrologers did not 'score' dignities like the Mediaeval ones, though virtually all the dignities are common.

I tend to give a little more weight to Sun in the ninth than I would do for another planet with the same essential and accidental dignities and being in the ninth.