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Originally Posted by Cerulean View Post
I see the Bavarian Iliminati link is broken , will have find another link for the French Masoniic lodge.

Simon Blocquel's link to that lodge would be of interest.
Here's one ...

Well ... from some earlier local history study, I know, there were Illuminati in Bonn. What they actually reached, that was the foundation of a "Lese-Gesellschaft". A society for reading. So some basis for a public library.
Actually the place, where they started, became later the Bonner Universitätsbibliothek (still running with 100.000's of books ... actually more than 2 millions ... And the university has the founding date 1818, not long after the Illuminati action. I had been there occasionally and profited from the earlier engagement.

So it isn't so surprising to find that a French publisher at begin of 18th century had contacts and was a member of a similar society. That was just part of his business. Libraries buy books.

Well ... :-) ... if there are any modern Illuminati, then it would be those, who make the best out of the modern reading situation, so people like Mr. and Mademoiselle And somewhere also our own humble engagement to research the mysteries of Tarot and of objects with similar character.
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