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Busy, Busy, Busssy.......

I have to say I was hesitant to buy this crystal....and it has more than shown how eager it is to work with me.

No shortage of 11's today......

This morning not even 15 minutes after I had left for work...I was waiting at the light and I noticed a bus had stopped across the street (this street is at a diagonal) HAHAHA it was the #11 bus but this was at an intersection with two completely different streets at least 2-3 miles away from where I saw the bus yesterday. Not even 5 minutes later I caught up to a school bus. As it was making a right turn I noticed the # 11 on the back of the bus.
Then as I was about to cross into the city I work I noticed a sign under the Welcome to the City sign....LOL 311.

Then at work I was listening to my headphones but had shut my CD player off for a few minutes. When I turned it back on...the #11 appeared along with these words from the song "sometimes you get what you need, but you'll always get what you deserve."

No shortage of 11's at work.....I was thinking about the morning and the next 2 pieces of mail I cased..... 911 and then 1011. The very last letter I cased was to 1011. Then the very first parcel I picked up out of my hamper...911

Out on the route I noticed an Angel figurine in a side not in my path. Then the very next house had a piece of mail with the Angel return address label. The very last house on the block also had an envelope with an Angel and the words "Let us Pray for Peace".

I deliver mail to an elementary school and was suprised when a rainbow practically jumped out at me from the pictures posted in the hallway. As I turned I saw another rainbow. So glad it wasn't the number 11 : )

As I continued and thought about the Angels......I looked down only to see another Angel envelope. There were a few other envelopes in the mail that had a really pretty Angel on them as well.

One return address caught my eye.....Over the Rainbow Foundation. I started to get the feeling my Guides were trying to tell me I could use the Angelite for them as well.

And then on the way back to the PO I passed a parked car with a license plate that has 3 letters followed by #11.

Sooooo....if I NEVER see this number again : )

Something I realised this morning was that on Tues night I went to the store and all I have left are two One Dollar much like the 11. And yet despite the fact I've had plenty of chances to use the ATM machine to draw out more money...I've been content with my two Dollar bills all week.

So I have to say I've more than connected with the Angels and my Guides have been showing their presence as well.

I still have a few meditations I want to try and I thought maybe it's time to try asking for some sort of guidance/or question as well as confirmation that the Angels are giving the guidance. Ok what to ask???? And a sign that lets me know I'm on the right path...but then come to think of it I asked for a sign the other night and then all these 11's started showing up. LOL I was thinking of more of a physical sign.

Plus I still want to try scrying with my Angelite.

To be continued : )...........
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