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Question about the Artist card ..

I have a question for M-Press about the Artist card, if she has time to answer it, since I'm sure she's busy sending out decks. (I'll get flogged if I delay the delivery of anyone's deck! )

On the site & in the LWB it says:

"The creative process for this deck has led me to an unending visual and philosophical discovery in which I have found the Artist in me and thus the 79th card “The Artist”. The Artist card is not traditionally a part of the Tarot, but a special addition to the Sakki-Sakki deck. This card comprises pieces from all the Major Arcana and serves to awake the Artist’s point of view—whether towards an artistic creation, or the crafting of one’s life. An Artist is everyone who wants to creatively to affect their life."

Particularly I'm wondering about where it says, "This card comprises pieces from all the Major Arcana".

I apologise if I'm simply suffering from Mother's Brain, but where are the pieces from the Major Arcana?
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