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The last preliminary area I want to say something about because it will arise in all the chart analyses is Sect. Hellenisitic Astrology divides the planets into two teams or sects. The first Sect comprises Sun, Jupiter and Saturn and the strength of this sect is that it plays better by day. So if you were born during the day, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn will function better than they would otherwise do in the same signs and degrees but in a night chart.

Moon, Venus and Mars are the night time team or sect. They function better by night (when the Sun is below the horizon).

Mercury is as usual, equivocal. Depending on the chart and which planets he is configured to, Mercury can be either a day or a night planet. I'll look at this on a case by case basis, as it's something I need to practice.

Chris Brennan says that being in sect (that is a day chart for Sun, Jupiter and Saturn and a night chart for Moon, Venus and Mars) does not increase the quantity of a planet's power but affects the quality of how it performs. Being out of sect reduces the quality of performance. This is particularly important for the benefics and malefics. In any one chart one of the benefics, either Jupiter or Venus will be in sect and the other out of sect. You really want the benefic of sect to be placed better than the out of sect benefic. With the malefics, the one out of sect is more likely to be associated with troubles, difficulties and setbacks.

The idea of sect has disappeared from Astrology in the modern era, indeed Lilly made no reference to it in the Seventeenth Century. Whether it is a useful concept is something that I want to investigate.
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