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Originally Posted by Ronia View Post
I admit I'm lost here. I'll just go back and read it all from the beginning because I got confused with all the names and different approaches. Looks like a complicated job this one.
It was something I had to write out to actually begin to understand what was going on. So I'm not surprised you're lost So let me try again now that I think I understand what the approach is (and I stress this is Schmidt via Curtis Manwaring's Delphic Oracle).

The aim of PNA is to assess three things,

The fitness of the planet as an actor or agent in the nativity - basically is it in a position to be effective.

Secondly, to assess its energy levels - it might be fit to 'act' but has it the energy or 'will' to act. Or perhaps better put as can we expect it to 'try and do something'

Thirdly,given it's position and energy level, is it likely to lead to something lasting. Will we know it's been there in our lives.

Those appear to be the key aims.

Each one of these three is broken down into a further three fold sub-division. These are the three reference points for judgement. The first two are ones that are recognised by all Astrologers, though not in every detail that's supplied. These two are the House placement of the planet (that is relative to the Horizon) and it's sign placement (that is relative to the zodiac), Any basic introductory text will cover these two but I repeat, the Hellenistic approach has elements that are no longer in play, though it has ones that we do still use.

The last subdivision is one that is not used today and that is relative to the Lights. This brings in the concept of Sect but also it stresses the role of the Sun and Moon as the two principle bodies in Astrology. This is also one of the things that differentiates modern from Traditional. Modern writers treat the Moon as clearly the second in command at best, whereas the tradition sees a partnership. The Moon has primacy in terms of what happens here on Earth. The Sun's role is a more general or remote one of organising what goes on above the Moon (that is the planetary spheres). Those actions are mediated to Earth through the agency of the Moon.

I hope my second attempt makes more sense. I'm trying to translate into common terms what is expressed in uncommon terminology and one that I'm only slowly getting to grips with.
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