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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
In this chart the Sun is in the fifth house (Place) and so it is a nocturnal chart, the Sun having set.

This chart also presents me with a similar issue to Ana's. That is the Ascendant is right at the end of a sign. In this case the opposite end to Ana, the very beginning. Her Ascendant is in Taurus, but being born less than two minutes earlier would shift it into Aries. I.m going to take the Ascendant as Taurus, so that makes the Ascendant ruler Venus.

Venus is placed in the seventh house conjunct the Descendant. So Venus is angular (the Greek would translate as 'Pivotal') and therefore is configured to the Ascendant. She is also the benefic of sect and so should be a very positive influence.


The key conditions of Venus is that she is angular and therefore scores highly on 'Fitness' in terms of her house placement. She is in Detriment, which weakens her zodiacal placement but this is compensated for by Venus being one of the Trigon Lords for the Water Trigon. Indeed during the day she is the main Trigon Lord and then hands over to Mars when the sun has set. Otherwise Venus is totally within the dignities of Mars.

In relation to the Lights, Venus is Direct and Schmidt treats her as rising (when she appears to be setting) It seems that Schmidt defines 'rising' in terms of visibility - if you can't see it then it doesn't rise - discounting being obscured by cloud) The result is that Venus scores highly on 'fitness'.

In terms of 'Energy', Venus is 'goaded' or energetic being conjunct the Descendant. She does not have a key phase change in the seven days either side of the Spiraling's birth but she is in her own Trigon, so she scores above average on Energy.

In terms of Completeness, Venus is actually conjunct the Lot of Fortune and so is Pivotal in relation to it. She's in a fixed sign so that's a second indication of being able to see things through but she is separated from the Moon. This is the only weak indicator out of the nine. So High fitness, high energy and high completeness this looks like a very strongly placed Ascendant ruler.

In terms of configurations, Venus trines the Moon (Left sided), sextiles Saturn (Left sided sextile). In turn she is sextiled by the Sun and Mars from the right (they are both dominant over her) and is trined by Jupiter from the right. Only Mercury is not configured to her, though it's presence in Libra stops her being confined by the malefics, Saturn and Mars.
I'm not entirely sure what to conceive of the 'Trigon Lords', and there's clearly much I have left to study, regarding Hellenistic astrology-- but what I've personally gleaned from my chart via a mish-mash of both modern and traditional astrology correlates well with what you've outlined thus far. As of this past year, I've come to a deeper understanding of how powerful that Venus in Scorpio upon the DC is. From what I've observed, Venus in detriment, along with it being placed on the DC (traditionally considered the place of significant others-- e.g. confidantes, lovers, enemies, significant others, in general) has signified an extreme form of what some astrologer call Venus' 'attraction/repulsion' principle. I've witnessed people react in such extremes, that it's becoming impossible for me to even take anyone seriously anymore-- an extreme Scorpio reaction, on my behalf. A long-time stalker has been revealed; I've probably inadvertently attracted new ones. What is signified by this particular placement, if my understanding is vaguely accurate, is that I attract those who want to 'transform' my existence-- to goad me into a process of 'rebirth' (Scorpio), whether that's through my death, or putting me through the rungs of their highly delusional 'true love'. In modern terms, Pluto is in Scorpio, and within the 7th house, also, which simply amps people's desire to 'mold' me more. It's essentially those who personally are suffering from control issues, from what I've come to observe. The disconnection with the Moon shows that I have not even a instinctual, gut feeling of these control freak's presence in my life-- which to me is a positive thing, as long as they stay away from me. Whatever extreme 'occult' Scorpio energy they send towards me simply doesn't connect at the most basic level (Moon in Pisces in the 12th house-- a disconnection from one's deeper emotional/instinctual state. One whose operations are largely unconscious.)

Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post

Mars is Ascendant ruler's ruler. Mars is in late Virgo and is combust being only 5 degrees from the Sun (and the Sun is applying)

Mars situation is that he's in the fifth House and is therefore configured to the Ascendant and in a succedent house. being combust he doesn't rise that day (in terms of visibility) but Mars is Direct. Mars zodiacal placement is that he is in his own Bounds, so he again scores highly. Overall Mars, score is above average to high.

Mars Energy level is not as good. Mars is not angular, does not make any phase changes in the 7 days either side of Spiraling's birth but is the co-operating Trigon Lord for Earth. So a little below average there.

In terms of Completeness, Mars is sextile to the Lot of Fortune and is in a succedent sign relative to it. Mars is in mutable sign (bicorporeal) and so may not see things through well if at all. The Moon is though applying to an opposition with Mars (and it's the 'applying' that counts). So again Mars is above average here.

In terms of configuration Mars is in a 'meeting with the Sun' (a reasonably close conjunction), Opposes the Moon and is in a right sided sextile to Jupiter (Jupiter is dominant) as well as the sextile to Venus and trine to Saturn (Mars is dominant in both of these.

As the malefic of sect, Mars can be well behaved and may be positively benefical at times.
It's a life and death struggle for me to complete tasks, esp. if I have zero personal interest. Heh, oops. I was wondering if you could elucidate the Moon opp. Mars position further? I'm not entirely sure how, or in what ways, it could be 'above average' in power.
Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post

The Moon is the Sect Light. She's placed in the eleventh House, which is a succedent House. She is in none of her own dignities, but she is in the Bounds of Mercury and in this chart Mercury is nocturnal (so she is in the place of a sectmate). She is Direct and Rising. So her overall fitness seems to be a little above average.

Her Energy levels are that she is not angular but she is the co-operating Trigon Lord for the Water signs. Energy levels are again just above average. Finally in terms of Completion she's in a succedent House relative to Fortune but is in a bicorporeal sign. I'll take the overall condition as average.

She is configured to Sun and Mars by opposition (which indicates it's around Full Moon (which will come within 24 hours). She is in a right sided sextile to Saturn (Saturn dominates), a right sided trine to Venus (Venus dominates). A Left sided trine to Jupiter (Moon dominates).

This looks like a good start to the Prelimnary Natal Analysis, especially as it looks lime Mars and Moon are bonified by aspects from Jupiter and Venus.
As this is technical jargon I have little understanding of, I'm can't provide substantial feedback. I suppose the fact that my Moon's state is largely a succedent one, it means that I readily glean, and remember whatever wisdom I derive from living an active life (pisces adaptability -- mutable considered a mode of 'wisdom'). Jupiter and Venus bonified provides ready access to a peaceful state of mind, if I so desire it...
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