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Originally Posted by kalliope View Post
Ha! to the Goat Horns. I'm glad we can just say Capricorn, too. And Schmidt is SO right about us needing to cast out all of our preconceptions! I'm going to try my best to set aside my modern astrological knowledge when considering my chart's analysis in this thread. I can see that others have had trouble trying to reconcile their modern understanding with the Hellenistic viewpoint, and I think I'll actually grasp the method better if I don't try to do the same.
Yes, I started of using Delphic Oracle's built in analysis tool which is heavily Schmidt based. In retrospect I would have been much better following Chris Brennan's notes. We live and learn

Originally Posted by Kalliope
Thanks for the comments about Delphic Oracle, and for mentioning the reduced price! If I were deciding between Janus and DO, and I know I'm interested in some medieval techniques, how do you think the battle between them shakes out? The dynamic charting function, and the Time Lord checks against transits, etc., sound great. I'm definitely wanting a program that makes it easiest to find times when transits, returns, progressions, or things like Time Lords, Profections, or Primary Directions overlap. With both modern and traditional methods in mind, I'd like to do a rough sketch of significant time periods coming up for myself and close friends, for observation and learning. It seems like DO would make this easiest. Am I correct?
You can download a copy of Janus on a monthly trial basis (and this used to be the case with DO, though I don't see that option now). My experience with Janus is through the trial option, so I didn't get to explore everything by any means. Janus does do the Medieval Firdaria, so it can do what you want in terms of showing time periods (the freebie Morinus can do the same). From memory Janus was the easier to get used to. I have a friend who rates Janus as the best for Traditional Astrology, though for Hellenistic Astrology per se, DO is unrivaled. Both allow the use of the outers and asteroids, so you can use both modern and traditional. DO though has a really 'messy' installation process it's not as easy as Janus by any stretch of the imagination and it comes with its own atlas, which is 'quirky' and gave me quite a few issues.

Incidentally there's a freebie based on DO called Aphesis, and I'll be suggesting that for people who want to do some of their own time periods using a Hellenisitic method. It's quite easy to install and use and therefoe it might give you a nice set of options when added to Janus.
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