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Well I'm trying to make sense of the material the only way I know, by casting charts and seeing what the outcome is. That's why your feedback on your own experience is so useful. One of the problems I face though is not only trying to get a clears view of the material and if you read it you'd realise that it's often as clear as mud - partly because of their style of writing and partly because it's fragmentary, but also that if I apply some of the methods without some explanation it becomes even more weird and there's no context to make any comprehensible judgement. So thank you for at least trying to follow the thread and reporting back on your views/issues but it isn't completely necessary that you fully understand it (to say the least) and I freely admit that it's taking me several readings of the material to make progress and get some glimmers.
I know they are very difficult to read, I have very few attempts to do this in the past and gave up, just didnít have the time to translate this to myself. Thanks to you for trying and youíre most welcome for my feedback, as much as I can provide.

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I'm not sure your Mars is out of condition but a sports car is not always the best form of transport LOL
Ah, Iím a fan of big safe cars since I became a parent but do I feel the heat when I see a PorscheÖ LOL.

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Well you assume that Transits are the starting point and as I said early for the Hellenistic Astrologers they were the last port of call] Now it may well be that Mars as an explanatroy variable doesn't work well with your life and that would cast doubts on the validity of either the Hellenistic Approach, or my understanding of it or indeed both. That may take some time to resolve, as I'm sure I'm going to have to revisit the results from these five charts and then do some futher reading before drawing prelimiary conclusions,
No, I was actually trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, i.e. ďnot good in natal chart but may be will try harder during transitsĒ. I understand the ancients didnít take transits first, I donít either. Iím taking more time with Mars because he is the Sunís ruler, so Iím trying to figure out why heís not playing stronger in transits.
P.S. For that matter, Venus is felt very strongly lately, over the past 2-3 years I feel her more and more in transits, it wasnít like that before or not to such extend, I wonder if itís possible for a planet to get stronger with the timeÖ Sounds like a nonsense to me but the facts are these.
P.P.S. Minderwiz, did I miss the ďwindsĒ and when they were/are/will be favorable and when not in my analysis? Like the periods of life you were talking about, beginning, middle and late stage, which will be better and which worse?
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