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Stage 3 - Some preliminary points

I'm up to trying Stage 3 - the topical analysis - with Ronia. I think I need to make some prelimnary general observations, from what I'v gathered till now and I'll add to these later if necessary. Topic areas were taken not just from the house, planets in the house and the house ruler but also from general considerations such as the configurations of relevant planets and especially the use of the Lots. These allowed the Astrologer to focus in on one particular part of a house meaning. That focus might include rearranging the chart to have the relevant Lot as it's Ascendant.

One problem that I will have is that the Hellenistic period covered at least 600 years and, depending on where the start and finish are fixed (a matter of opinion) it could be as much as 800 years. Over that period different takes on the same thing will occur and interpretations will begin to vary in terms of emphasis, even worse, the Lots proliferated and there may be quite differently calculated lots to show the same thing. It's not so much that the proliferation invalidates the analysis (though it may) but that the writers may have seen the topic in a different light or from a different perspective but not always made that clear. For example, is Marriage the product of a match made in heaven, or is it a legal relationship between Man and Woman (the Greeks had no Civil Partnerships or same sex marriages (though they don't necessarily condemn homosexual relationships).

Ronia's chosen area of Livelihood, which may well crop up again throws up another difference between Hellenistic and Modern analysis, (though it really should not). In studying someone's livelihood or occupation, they would start from their health, or specifically from any injuries or threatened injuries. Being in ill health or mentally or physically disabled directly affected livelihood. You were either dependent on your family (usually brothers because they had the earning power to keep you beyond your parents deaths) or you became a beggar.

In our developed world no Astrologer would start there, yet for the large majority of the world's population this may still hold true. I recently saw a TV item about a UK photographer injured in a land mine explosion in Afghanistan whilst being embedded with some US soldiers. He returned to do a photo shoot of people there who had similar injuries to his own and one of the points he made was it's not only the trama of the injuries but also the likelihood that they will be destitute for the rest of their lives.

You might have a talent for playing football and live in a deprived area. If you remain healthy and develop your talent you might escape from a life of poverty but if you are injured in some way, no matter how good the talent you won't make it.

Health may also affect your marriage prospects or your prospects of children'

Therefore you will find that the Lot of Fortune can play a major role in all readings, as can it's sister, the Lot of Spirit - your ability to influence events and your intellect and soul. So there may be a series of two or three Lots employed.

Statements that relate to the configurations, can often seem harsh, or extreme or exaggerated - they don't fit easily with modern minds. At the moment I'm unsure whether these statements are deliberately exaggerated to show the best or worst cases only, or whether they actually believed them. So I may often come back to considering whether a statement on a particular configuration can be adapted to have real meaning in a modern context or whether Hellenistic Aspect Configurations should be treated from a modern perspective only in interpretations, or even might not be much use in a modern environment and are only of historical interest (though that might still have some value as we may at least understand how our own techniques have developed and what their underlying meaning is).

Finally, some planets have a natural signifcation which brings them in to a specific topic area. For example, Mercury, Venus and Mars were used for identifying appropriate occupations. Sun and Moon were seen as having a more general oversight but you will find some occupations that do relate to Jupiter (religion, priesthood, the Law, administration and ruling) and Saturn (blacksmith. iron workings, mining). So don't be surprised if planets which might be in areas of your chart that don't seem related are pulled in because of their natural signfication.

Hellenisitic Astrology seems more free flowing and interconnected in this respect compared to the later tradiition. Though it might also mean I miss something I ought to include and have to come back to it later.
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