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Ronia Livelihood - 2

The Lots referred to previously are:

Fortune - Libra
Spirit - Aries
Livelihood -Cancer
Travel - Sagittarius

Starting with Fortune and Spirit. The ideal configuration of these two is that Spirit should be in the Tenth House relative to Fortune. In fact it's in the Seventh House relative to Fortune, which is probably the next best place, as it's angular.

Valens says:

If it is in its proper place or at another angle, the nativities will be as distinguished and vigorous as they can be under the circumstances.'

At first sight this appears to be damning with faint praise, but actually an angular relationship is best and this is probably the equal second best place to be. Of course Mars rules the Lot of Spirit, and Mars is the ruler of the Sect Light but is also the out of sect malefic. Mars is angular in the natal chart, so your basic way of trying to influence the world around you is Martial - through Mars characteristics, drive and ambition. Fortune is ruled by Venus, who is in the ninth, not a bad place compared to the Ascendant, but whereas Mars 'sees' his Lot, Venus is averse to hers. The Mars side might be seen as to the fore, but Venus gives a softening affect, and that might attract Fortune.

The Lot of Livelihood is ruled by the Moon. One obvious metaphor is that your Livelihood will be prone to phases, and changes, like the Moon. The Moon is dignifies in Cancer and aspects both Fortune and Spirit. She is with Mars in Cancer and sextiles Venus. Livelihood actually occupies the Tenth place relative to Fortune and in turn Spirit occupies the Tenth place relative to Spirit. Possibly that might mean that your Fortune is dominated by your need for a Livelihood and this in turn is dominated by the way you try and affect the course of events. Whilst that might be said of anyone, in your case I think those needs are quite crucial to your life. In the Seventh this might be taken as Livelihood is dependent on others (and possible the changeable moods of others).

The Lot of Travel is in Sagittarius. It's the twelfth place of the nativity but I think it's relationship to Fortune and Spirit are likely to be more important. It is sextile to the Lot of Fortune and is in a third House relationship. This is a cadent house relationship but the third House/Place itself has links with Travel.

The Lot of Travel is also trine to the Lot of Spirit in Aries. It's in a ninth House relationship, which again stresses travel but in this case overseas travel. That it trines the Fortune suggests that the decision to go abroad was not only taken freely but was seen as desirable. Indeed the sextile to Fortune suggests that 'abroad' will not be a bad place in terms of your health and what befalls you. Being abroad does seem to be something that you see and experience in a positive way, echoing the statements that you've made. Whether it is good for your long term livelihood, I'm not so sure, as the Lot of Travel and the Lot of Livelihood are averse to each other.

Travel is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is in a square relationship with the ruler of Livelihood, the Moon. That also seems to suggest that Travel and Livelihood are not naturally going to be productive, without overcoming difficulties and problems.

Jupiter is in the same Place as the Lot of Sprit, and it's possible this leads to you seeing Travel, especially overseas travel, as the first answer to problems - not as a 'running away' or 'exile' but because there are probably new opportunities to influence things in a new location. Jupiter and Mars (ruler of Spirit) are in a square aspect, as is Jupiter and the Moon. In both cases Jupiter is on the right hand side, which suggests Jupiter will win the debate about should I go or should I stay - finances and other circumstances permitting.

When we get to the next stage, the interesting thing will be to see how these Lots show up during your various Astrological periods and indeed whether Travel and Livelihood have significant periods of their own.
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