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I will use latin derivatives as well to make it more easier for users to read.

Saturn is indeed very special. Saturn is also Oikodespotes. Saturn rejoice only in his own diurnal domicile, Aquarius. In Capricorn he must share the power with Mars. In Obama chart, Saturn is in a trigonal figure with Mars. We have dealings with a primary form of testimony, where the stars take a stance and participate togheter on the issue, so the power is more than certain split. Saturn is disjunct with Aquarius, so the First Officer will be Mercury (Porphyry-joint domicile master topic)

You see, from hellenistic perspective, the significations of the five planets are derived by relating their basic principles to the concrete significations of the Sun and Moon. If the sect leader is not providing his gifts, the other members will not have what to work with. I will continue my exposure.

PS: I never seen the work of Elendiar written in other language than romanian.
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