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That's why I didn't give sect points to Sun, on Part of Fortune schema, and I mentained that the Parts are hardly readable. Even if I favor Sun to be Epikratetor, the chart remain nocturnal. I think Valens and Porphyry would have gone with the Moon.

The Trigon Lords, from hellenistic perspective, split the time in two portions. If the Moon is the Epikratetor, the wind ruled by Jupiter will blow permanently. The Trigon Lords are based on a dihotomic principle: first lord of triplicity it's analogic with lunar things (matter, night, instinct, simultaneous things) and the second triplicity lord is analogic with solar things (form, day, consciousness, evolution, subsequent things). The third is anologic with both semnification but conjoint. That's why in arabian period they recived special meanings. The winds will lead the ship to unknow surroundings but this is not necessairly bad for the native.

With Sun as a ruler, we will have the folowing order : Jupiter in the first stage of life, Sun in the second stage of life and Saturn permanently. The second stage of life will be in the spot light.

Antiochus describe the meaning of Participation. In Aries, Mars is acting as steward for the Sun. Mars is forced to sher his rulership with the Sun. That's why Mars prefer Scorpio, it's feminine domicile. Scorpio dosen't have an exaltation lord. In Scorpio, Mars dosen't sher his power. If the domicile lord is neither present nor looking upon the zoidion that it rules, the exaltation lord may have sole authority of that zoidion.

Check out Firdaria. Obama was elected president in 2008, a Sun-Mercury period and re-elected in 2012 , a Sun-Jupiter period.

Let's twist! I will go for the Moon as well, to see if the chart fits. Wish me luck !
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