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FilleAspirant Relatonships - Part 2

The first part concentrated on the relevant houses, an approach familiar to Modern Astrologers. The second part will look at the relevant Lots. Lots are directly related to fairly specific topics such as marriage or friendships or slightly more wider, relationships. The analysis looks at the placement of the Lot in the chart, its ruler, and aspects both to the Lot and to it's ruler. Good placement, a harmonious relationship with its ruler and aspects from benefics coupled with no aspects from malefics should see the topic represented by the Lot become a successful part of the life of the native.

The problem with the Lots is that over the course of the 1,000 years that they were in common use, several versions of them arose. Different authors took slightly different takes on them. For example the topic of marriage could be looked at from the point of view of the presence or absence of a loving relationship, but it could also be looked at from the point of view of the legal contract between the two spouses. It could also be looked at from the emotional commitment or exposure involved - marriage as an emotional risk. Each one of these variants in approach could lead to different planets being used in its calculation.

So with that consideration in mind here are some Lots that are relevant to the topic.

At a general level we have the Lots of Fortune and Spirit - how prone we are to the vagaries of fate and how well we can influence what happens around us.

For FilleAspirant the Lot of Fortune is placed in Taurus and therefore ruled by Venus. In the fifth it is trine to the Ascendant. It is squared by it's ruler which is in the dominating position and it is squared from the Moon. No malefic aspects it, so there is no major debility. However the ruler Venus is in the eighth place which is not configured to the Ascendant. The interpretation of this, according to Schmidt is that opportunities will only be spotted late on, making it difficult to have foresight of events but it is possible to turn events to the advantage of the native. Clearly this latter point may involve some difficulty because of the 'late notice'

The Lot of Spirit lies just inside the ninth place, so it too is configured to the Ascendant by trine. Being in Virgo it is ruled by Mercury in the tenth place, so it's Lord is configured to the Ascendant but not to the Lot itself. It's not going to be easy putting plans for action into place, even if you recognise that action is needed and that action can be successful in changing events. The Lot is squared by Saturn the malefic of sect and by Jupiter the benefic of sect. Jupiter being earlier in the zodiac is in the dominating position, so the outcome is more likely to be favourabel than unfavourable.

Both rulers suffer from aspects from the out of sect malefic, Mars. Of the two, Mercury is the worst positioned because Mars is in opposition. Venus is configured by Trien, so Mars may have some adverse effects on Fortune, but not a major one. Spirit may well be more adveresly affected because of the Mars/Mercury opposition. It's likely that on balance you are more prone to outside forces than you are able to influence the envioronent, as plans to act may wellrun into difficulties.

For relationships specifically there are:

The Lot of Eros - which is not quite what you might expect but is concerned with relationships in general. Paulus of Alexandria defines the Lot as Asc + Venus - Spirit. Venus is a natural significator of relationships of all kinds, Spirit an indicator of how well you can influence events {in this case the formation of relationships). This Lot is in Sagittarius and thus in the twelfth Place. It is co-present with Saturn, the malefic of sect and is trined by Mars the out of sect malefic. It is ruled by Jupiter the benefic of sect. Both the Lot and its ruler are not configured to the Ascendant, Jupiter too has a wide opposition from Saturn and is in a close sextile to Mars, which dominates. Whilst none of the aspects from the malefics are serious, they do suggest that there could be problems with general relationships.

Firmicus uses a different measure, taking Asc + Fortune - Spirit. This measure is placed in Virgo and therefore is in a similar condition to Spirit. Both measures suggest some issues with relationships but nothing that is going to cause serious difficulties in forming relationships or seeing them through. This will be an area of life that requires a little effort to keep things on track but that effort should pay off.

For long term relationships there are the Lots of Marriage.

The more formal Lot of marriage - that representing the institution of marriage - marriage as a committment - is the Paulus Lot of Marriage, which for women is:

Asc + Saturn - Venus:

For FilleAspirant this Lot is in the fifth Place (Taurus) and is ruled by Venus the out of sect benefic. It lies in the same place as the Lot of Fortune and as seen above with Fortune, it's quite well placed, though it's ruler is averse to the Ascendant. There's no serious affliction from the malefics and what aspects there are from the malefics are harmonious and by sign rather than degree. It looks therefore that a marriage or relationship with commitment is a good possibility.

Marital happiness is more likely to be described by Valens Lot of Marriage, which for a day birth is:

Asc + Venus - Jupiter

This Lot is in Pisces, ruled by the Benefic of Sect, Jupiter. The Lot is squared by Saturn though it's a very wide square, so the amount of 'affliction' is only small. Mars does not aspect the Lot. Jupiter is in the sixth place of Gemini. It is opposed by Saturn (though again the aspect is not strong) and it is in a sextile to Mars, which dominates. By degree the aspect is not strong, As the aspect in harmonious Mars, will be influential but will not be actively damaging. The marriage is going to have some highs and lows but overall it looks likely to be a happy one.

Marriage looks likely to be stronger and longer lasting than friendships, though they are not seriously impeded. Overall the outlook is definitely positive and is especially so for marriage.

One additional point - with the Valens Lot of Marriage in a double bodied or bicorporeal sign, it is possible that there might be two marriges or long term relationships.
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