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Hi thoughtful,

Your paternal gran answers to your name, sir name of Okenfold. Sheís a big happy lady with glasses who spent little time on her appearance, a body is for living in was her philosophy. She suffered ear infections, digestive problems, glaucoma and passed peacfully.

Eating tangerines entranced she lost her faculties towards the end of her life which she spent in a nursing home but she has her marbles back and sheís free. Referencing a gold framed picture of hers thatís been handed down it was her pride and joy along with her wedding band.

Thereís encouragement to think through your third eye and she will return your call sheís surrounded by a purple aura and highly evolved. Badger medicine is predominant in you in Native American terms which has been suppressed up until now, as youíre opening itís rising and may be difficult to control but you will soon master balance under her guidence. She seeís herself in you noting a special connection as sentiment fills the air.

Metaphorically youíre on a straight path to the top of sacred mountain with great determination on your face, thereís just one obstacle ahead on your path, a bridge of fear. She feels youíre more than strong enough to face the devil within which will precede a letting of an age old weight youíre struggling to carry, thereís such relief youíre pinching yourself to make sure itís real.

A big wake up call is on itís way to you and itís all good, you seem awestruck by natural catabolic events and spiritual experiences ahead look out for the tower in your tarot spreads supported by spiritual cards as an exciting time approaches. Sheís leaving you with a mug of hot chocolate and all the love in the world.

Your paternal grandfather desmond literally jumps into the hotseat to speak with you heís a slight gent with a big, big personality, blue eyes, small pointed features and large pointed ears who suffered with his lungs and heart, eating rice pudding says heís in peace. Playing accordion dancing around the room he was a morris dancer or something similar heís still at it.

He speaks of pure pleasure and the things that block itís path namely the human condition of self consciousness and explains when our sense of self comes from inside of us what others think simply bounces off us because we know who and what we are. On the other hand we all fear what we are at core so to achieve this state of grace calls for courage.
Before we master this state weíre dependant to varying degrees on the reflections of others opinions as a measure of our self worth and he advises itís not a reliable guide because they cannot see you. Rest assured you soon will and he offers you a handshake on that heís a man of his word, peaceful nights up ahead his promise.
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