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Thank you for my reading headincloud. My gran did become ill and was in a geriatic hospital towards the end of her life. Can't place the name Okenfold. She wore glasses but did take pride in her appearance. The gold framed picture refers to a framed photo of her son who died aged 14. Her wedding ring was stolen whilst she was in hospital unfortunately. We did have a special connection and she was very much into spiritual things. l totally agree with you mentioning the bridge of fear which has been a weight on me for ages, hopefully that will be overcome. l do read tarot for myself so will look out for the Tower and the spiritual cards.
My grandfather was Albert not Desmond he died of lung cancer he was a lovely man. Do not know about the dancing in reference to him, l think you may have tuned into my dad who was Dennis, he used to really laugh at the morris dancers, he had a wonderful sense of humour, and he would often dance around the room playing the fool.
There is something blocking my path at the moment and yes l have to have the courage to let what others say or think go over my head. l absolutely agree with the self worth issue, and also that what others think is not a reliable guide as to who l really am. This was so spot on.
l have had some restless nights and vivid dreams so l am reassured of his comments that peaceful nights are ahead.
l shall look forward to my wake up call!
It was a lovely reading and it has given me so much comfort and hope bless you
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