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Originally Posted by laurence View Post
My paternal gran was indeed slim with grey curly hair and a prominent nose. I'm not sure about the birth mark but It might be true. Not intellectual and very neatly. The necklace with the initial M does not resonate to me. She did not serve in the navy.

---I think I understand what's happening here the format I'm using to frame the messages is restrictive. My intent was to bring 2 people through for you but they've quite neatly overridden that without making me aware bringing 5 people through. Gran came through with grandad but he didn't show himself clairvoyantly. The ginger round shaped gent is someone else again he wore a goaty beard sometimes and long sideburns at others he's not that old and worked in computer graphics, he's super intelligent. Dad came through next and there's someone else.

Do you mean crosswords like the ones we try to guess with their definition in a grid?
If yes, It makes a lot of sense as we used to do crosswords together.

---That's it

My paternal grand dad's name was Jacques( from the french)!! He died before I was born so I cannot confirm many things. He was not bald. A black haired man with Brown eyes.

Gran filled me with a sense of the navy and presented herself on a ship in uniform but it was white which seemed strange, being a navy wife she was trying to show me.

So, my dad who also passed away( jacque's son) will have his death birth the 29th april and It will be 9 years.

---Sorry a blue cake and card with 9 on, assumed it was a boys birthday being acknowledged rather than an anniversary so it was dad coming in from here but he didn't make me aware another communicator was coming in of it because I wouldn't have accepted it.

I have no idea about the legal documents regarding a house. It might be in a far future.

Warning you about the future.

I do not use contraception ( I mean chemical contraception) and I hardly suffer from headaches; It could be a metaphore?? I know that my brother and sister in law cannot conceive.

---must be if it's not literal, I was filled with a sense of headache and someone (you I thought) taking a contraceptive pill.

I really feel here that you are talking about my dad and not my grand dad.
I know why he's remorseful. He keeps his distance by respect for me. He did live in the dark. I do forgive him.

---As long as you understand that's all that matters.

It's interesting the job mix up ( grand dad was in the navy not grand ma and my dad was in the haulage). I am not a medium but It might be that their different energies can superimpose. It might be difficult to understand their symbolic language also.

---I keep getting flashes of the gold necklace and this is someone else around you (not Gran my mistake) trying to come through a female.

It was fascinating. Keep going.
Thank you from the heart headincloud.
Thanks for the encouragement and the FB is a great example of the stuff we need to teach each other on the forum x
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