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Originally Posted by Majecot
In comparing the court cards, I notice the artist has taken great care in representing them as family members, taking the parents features and combining them to create what can be taken as off spring. This princess appears (to me) to have the features of the Queen, and the coloring of the King. Much like what you would find in many familys.
I did a reading last night and the Princess of Swords and the Queen of Swords both came up. The family resemblence got me thinking (I know, calm down )

When I think of court cards I usually think of them maturing in sequence:
Page / Princess
Knight / Prince

But with these court cards I'm thinking
Princess matures into Queen
Prince matures into King

I can look at a Princess, see her characteristics and see them again but older in the Queen.

This just makes the court cards easier to read (for me it does anyway)


Sulis xx
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