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Originally Posted by WolfSpirit
The spirals on one of the stones remind me of the spirals on the Rebirth card, but that one has a lot more spirals (6 are visible but there are probably more), this one has only 2 spirals and I think that has significance too, but I wouldn't know what.
As pentacles stand for solidity, maybe it stands for being in touch with her ancestry. She is standing on the ground of her ancestors, building on what they gave to her.
I like this notion of being in touch with her ancestors. Saw something about the spirals which are often found inside bronze age tombs and buriel mounds on TV yesterday. Apparently there was a belief that the spiral acted as a doorway to the other world (which lies on the other side of a viel represented by the stone the spiral is etched onto). The soul would pass through the spiral - the programme likened this to the tunnel which people often feel that they pass through during near death experiences. This would tie in with the Princess being in touch with her ancestors (literally).

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