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Question about Sun and Ascendant

I'm a Cancer Ascendant/Rising, Taurus sun and Capricorn moon (moon is not really important in this question for me though). I always watch YouTube monthly and yearly horoscopes for my ascendant as opposed to my sun, BUT I was wondering if I should watch the horoscope for my sun sign too. I just watched a 2015 overview for next year for Cancer and then decided to check out Taurus too, and I realized that the horoscope theme of money being important next year was accentuated in both even though Taurus is Earth and Cancer is Water and not even similar. That made me wonder if maybe my Taurus SUN is an important horoscope to watch for. However, I don't know how to go about reading my chart to transition Taurus to the Ascendant. As a Cancer rising my Taurus sun rules my 11th house of friends, so I'd have to move it two steps to get to the 1st house, thus moving my whole chart around. I don't know how I'd go about looking for love, money, work etc with Taurus rising. Help???
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