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Zodiacal Releasing - The Car Accident.

Introduction and Background

As a first test of whether the Cancer or the Gemini Lot of Fortune is more 'accurate' as a descriptor of life events, I'll look the car accident. You gave me the date and time of the accident so there shouldn't be a problem due to an uncertain date/time.

Fortune is the appropriate Lot because it is related to your body and physical well being. It describes the 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' to quote Hamlet.

Zodiacal Releasing starts from the sign of the Lot, which if we begin with the Cancer Lot is obviously Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. which has a minimum period of 25 years. So the first 25 years of your life, this forms the backdrop to events. The Moon rules the sixth place, so the sixth house is always active, as is the eleventh place where the Moon resides. This can be seen as a backdrop or the background noise of your life. It's important to point out that the 'year' here derived from the Egyptian Year, of360 days, with some adjustments. so it's not a perfect match for our calendar. The entire 25 'year period thus ended on Christmas Eve December 1985. This of course holds for both possible Lot placements.

The second point is that the timings generated are in Universal Time/GMT so I will have to make allowances for the time difference at your location.

The Months, Weeks and Days periods form lower levels of the ZR Process, so the first Month/Wee/Day were all Cancer days but soon the lower levels shift to different signs, and therefore different rulers. So Whilst the Moon sets the tone and is always there in the background, the day ruler might be an entirely different planet and different in turn to the week or month ruler. Life is constantly changing and your experiences are constantly changing. The number of months, weeks, or days that the planet rules is determined by its own minor period, and I've listed these earlier on in the thread.

ZR leading up to the event

Now there's a principle with ZR that if the cycle returns to the same Sign (and this is not always the case) there is a Loosing of the Bond. The next period becomes the opposite sign, not the next in sequence. This continues till the end of the original planets time lordship, There's some debate about the exact nature of this moment. Whether it is a complete change and another planet takes over or whether it is a colouring of what happens next - that is the original planet still has a role to play but that role is coloured by the significant change that has taken place.

There's a relevant example which occurs in September 1978 when the full twelve signs have played a Level 2 role. The next period is not a second L2 for Cancer but a new cycle that starts at Capricorn and is ruled by Saturn. Moreover Saturn sees through the remainder of the Cancer L1 period. As Capricorn is your twelfth house and as Saturn is the out of sect malefic, I would expect the tone of this period to darken at least in terms of the background.

The accident

It is during this Capricorn L1 period that the car accident occured. The date of the accident occured during a L2 period ruled by Leo, your seventh house. That doesn't seem to be something related to accidents but the L3 Period is Sagittarius activating the eleventh (in which the Moon is placed) and the L4 period is Cancer, activating the sixth house. The sixth relates to ill health and contains Mars, which has signification for accidents and wounds. That L4 period began two days earlier and had another two days to run. So there is a period of vulnerability of about 5 days.

The Time Lords bring together the twelfth Place (where you are your own enemy) and immediately the Sixth house of ill health, possibly due to a Mars type event. The other backgrounds relate to relationships and friends. You had just been attending a party!

To tie down to an astrological signature, I need to look at the transits of the planets and houses that are activated, particularly the Moon as the ruler of the immediate time period. Without a time for the accident I'd be trawling through looking for the most likely possibilities but here I know the time and the date.
So it I take the time you gave and adjust it for UT I find that at the time you quoted, the transiting Moon is in Aries (ruled by Mars) and at 25 Aries 53 is about to make an opposition to Mercury at 26 Libra 01.

What is the significance? The Moon is Lord 6, she rules the house of ill health. Mercury rules Virgo, your eight house, which amongst other things is associated with death. Lord 6 applying to a close opposition to Lord 8 indicates a real chance of death.

At the same moment, transiting Mars was just separating from a conjunction to your natal Moon by a degree. If it had been applying rather than separating, I don't think you would be here now. Remember your natal Moon is in Sagittarius and Sagittarius is an active place at this time.

Incidentally, Saturn was also at 26 Libra, some 43 minutes passed the conjunction. You had a clear hand in creating the event.

My feeling is that this almost perfectly describes the situation and the event

You might also look back and ask if you can detect any changes in the background of life from September 1978 onwards. Things not quite working out well. But remember it's the average you are looking at, good time can and do occur.

Edited to Add:

You gave the time as 7 AM. That leads to the same question you asked about your birth time. How accurate is it?

The Moon Mercury conjunction occurred at: 7:14 AM

The Moon Saturn conjunction occurred at 8:25 AM so you seem to have just missed the real danger period.
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