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Wow -- it's been 10 years since anyone posted here.

I have an assignment of writing daily inspiring messages for the runes, and am finding this one the trickiest (not surprising, considering the non-consensus on its meaning, I guess).
Anyway, this is what I've come up with. I am going for the overlapping meanings of fate/luck and birth after reading Paxson and Gerrard, and using my own intuition. Feedback welcome.

"Today is a day to think about your inheritance, your lot in life, what you were born with. Think about all that your family has given you, the good and the bad, the physical and personality characteristics, beliefs and attitudes, tangible gifts, shared experiences. How have these things shaped you? Is there any area where you are holding on to resentment, or a wish that things could have been different? The things that happened in the past cannot be changed; however, the stories and meaning we give to these things can. Sometimes, simply by bringing awareness to our "fate," we can make a small shift and change the future."
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