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Originally Posted by tarot_quest View Post
would you say that you picked up a bad vibe from your friend and amplified it in your dream (Moon card) or in this example, it was a complete false assumption right from the beginning?
I would say you picked up a vibe from yourself. Maybe when you were a kid some friendly relative got sick and died. The anniversary of that shows up, and you have this emotional dream, casting one of your living friends in the dying role. So, of course, you call them up when you wake. Or maybe your friend has been distant of late, and you're worried, afraid that the friendship is going to end. Again, you tap into your own emotions, and call.

I mean, yes, it's possible that your friend is in trouble in some way and you picked this up. In which case, your friend will say, "I'm not in trouble like that, but I'm glad you called." However, if the issue is with you--with some fear you have of losing this friend, then your friend will probably say, "Nothing's wrong! Go back to sleep!"

And in that case, the benefit of the Moon is that it should have you looking inward, asking "Why did I wander into that nightmare? What am I really worried about? And should I be worried about it?" The Moon can stand, after all, for paranoia, for depression and tricks we play on ourselves. It might be time to shine some light into those corners and, like the Hermit, take a deeper look at what's really going on.
I would not deny that he uses his intuition too
I said he wasn't ONLY using his intuition. Of course, he's using any and all light he's got. From moon, stars and things that glow in the dark, as well as his lantern. The HPS, however, relies only on the moon.

And you are right that Cancer is ruled by the Moon (Planet) in astrology. The Moon Card, in tarot, is ruled by Pisces. It's pretty confusing. So Ii'll explain in a separate post.
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