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It's confusing

Originally Posted by tarot_quest View Post
I did not know that the Moon rule Pisces, I always thought that the Moon rule Cancers.
You're absolutely right, in astrology, Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The old timers who decided on the astrological assignments for the majors created a lot of confusion. I'll try to explain: When you see one of the major cards, it is "ruled" astrologically by either (1) a planet, (2) a zodiac sign or (3) an element.

So, the HPS is ruled by the Moon. So, when we talk about the HPS astrologically, we talk about the astrological moon and its meanings. The Chariot is ruled by Cancer. And when discussing the Chariot, we discuss the sign of Cancer, the characteristics of that sign. The Moon card is ruled by Pisces. So the characteristics of that sign apply to the Moon card.

Right about now, you're probably saying: "This is stupid! The astrological Moon should rule the Moon card. Like the astrological Sun rules the Sun card." Or you might be saying, "This is stupid! The Moon card should be ruled by Cancer which is ruled by the Moon." All I can tell you is that the 19th century tarot scholars had their reasons for assigning Pisces to the Moon card. And there have been discussions about it here and in other forums. You can search for those discussions, or you can ask about the it in the "Tarot History and Development" form OR the "Rider-Waite-Smith" forum. Because I'm not enough of a historian/scholar to know why the Moon card got Pisces. The experts on those forums can explain it better.

All you have to understand, at this point, is that the Moon card in tarot is NOT connected to Cancer or the astrological Moon. It is connected to Pisces.
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