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Originally Posted by Luna's Crone View Post
Gee Gabby, do you have a website or blog to view things? I have Bonefire on my phone and love it. Will be getting a deck soon i hope. Its on my wish list in the asterisk section. But i can't wait for the new oracle and tarot!!!! I love your work.
Hi Luna's Crone.
Right now I do not have a website or blog. My website was so old and dreadful to use, I have taken it down to make a better site under my name rather than that of my decks. It is a bit of a big project though.
I am collecting most of my imagery on my instagram page for now. @gabi_angus_art, where plenty of TWOSH images may be found, plus other artwork and sketches. It is a bit of a mish-mash which now has artwork for my new tarot added as it materialises.
Thanks for buying the Bonefire app, there is no better way to view those images and I am delighted you enjoy my work!

In other news, I am awaiting the delivery of my 100 Sarah Howard Oracle decks. I had to change to Make Playing Cards at the 11th hour, due to massive price rises at Printers Studio. A decision made absolutely from necessity. I literally did not have the money for the new pricing and had Reall (thank you again) not put me onto MPC poor Sarah Howard would have remained merely artwork.
As soon as I have the decks I will post details.
I will still need to use PS for print on demand decks. Sadly the price rises were across the board. So I am working out whether there is any advantage to the customer to purchase in this way.
It is certainly a learning curve and as ever I have given myself far too much to do; juggling new tarot, Bonefire and oracle decks and I am not a very skilled juggler.
Shouldn't be long before the oracles arrive. It has been a windy road!
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