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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post

Right now I'm thinking of getting some white canvas material and an indelible black marker, cut out a card template and just trace the house positions onto the cloth. I have enough calligraphic skill to make it look decent. But I was hoping to avoid the work.
Yes! Canvas seems like the cards would not SLIDE around so easily as satin, nor would the fabric attract pet hair. Velvet would be more elegant but any little hairs floating around I think would just MAGNETIZE so may be harder to keep clean. So I would wash it first to pre-shrink it, and then perhaps sew on a pretty backing cloth also pre-washed, to have a portable reading mat all-in-one. I also have some slubbed silk (forget the term for this) pieces that I would sew up separately.

I do prefer the idea of making one's own bags and cloths. I think it helps w the process of connection and focus. And it's so fun!
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