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Originally Posted by Village Witch View Post
Definitely a deck I would be interested in!

Originally Posted by reall View Post
beautiful! it looks fantastic bundled like this together!) it would make good GT!^^ I LIKE!^^))
I was actually toying around with the idea of creating a GT spread cloth as a supplement to the deck. You know of nice examples?

Originally Posted by decan View Post
I think this will be a nice deck!

ETA: a Belline Oracle exactly with this style would be quite interesting, it isn't your project here but I was thinking about this.
This is rather a coincidence. I just discovered the Belline for myself the other day when someone posted a spread in FB. His deck looked like a wonky Marseille (in a nice way!) and I tried googling Belline Tarot and ended up reading about the oracle. Seems like an interesting idea. One of the main reasons I create art for decks (aside from the fact that something somewhere in my head keeps on nagging me to do it) is to learn/re-learn/explore them. So a Belline would be a nice learning project for me... in the future. My to-do deck list is rather lengtht at the moment. Lol

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