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WoW! with this style I'm sure reading cloth will look fantastic!XD lolz )
idk how people are doing it, but only textile POD I know is PS?!x.x I had idea for long time to test their bandana n pillowcase template and did some designs just to confirm it's possible!?XD you can see it all here (btw I'm sure I posted rant about this few days ago on my CL creation topic but it disappear mysteriously?x,x or I just s*up something instead of posting!x,x lolz but still didn't order to check it out as I use my regular white table cloth for reading!x,x facepalm and I'm saving for my GC order!XD their price is fantastic compared to PS but shipping is killer for non US!x,x(add tax to that!x,x roll))
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