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Originally Posted by Nemia View Post
I love rainy days because where I live, we don't get enough of them! Anna K. is a great choice because there's such an emphasis on weather in the cards. The rainy cards are rainy, the sunny cards are sunny, and the snow cards look really cold.

The Haindl has an autum-muddy feel to some of the cards... sombre colours and melancholic... and similar, but closer to nature, is the palette of the Secret Forest. Some of the cards look as if it had rained a short time ago.

Roots of Asia has mysterious shimmering cards like rain drops that catch some unearthly light.

If you want to combat the rain, I feel the Etruscan, Idiosyncradeck and Golden all do so but in different ways: the Etruscan tells you there will be hot and sunny days when you'll miss the rain - the Idiosyncra tells you that never mind, there's so much fun in life and hot cocoa and blue skies above the clouds, and the Golden tells you might wish to think about time and weather in larger circles! :-)

I have a feeling that a Lisa Hunt tarot would be a wonderful choice... Ghosts and Spirits looks wonderfully rainy but I don't have it so I can't say...
I like these choices! I would looooove to have a Roots of Asia but sadly haven't been able to find one...but I love the watery feel it has from what I've seen of it.
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