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Originally Posted by greatdane View Post
I m very particular about my Lenormands, love simplicity and am happy this one is coming my way. I am sure I will use it a lot. I love the aged paper look too! WELL DONE!
OMG! SUPER HAPPY YOU DECIDED TO POST ABOUT IT HERE! can't wait to get *pro feedback!^^ lolz hope you'll like it!^^ I did print for myself with other POD and color was perfect!XD lolz so I hope you'll find it's your cup of tea too!^^ lolz also would like to hear if you can compare card stock to standard i.e Piatnik or other selfpublished deck printed by Printerstudio or Makeplayingcards? I have linen and plastic by them and think TGC is better,, need professional opinion!^^ lolz )

btw I'm COMPLETELY OPEN TO ALL COMMENTS AND CRITICS and great ideas!XD so feel free to say whatever!^^ lolz
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